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Ruby Gettinger’s Weight Still Stalled Over 300 Pounds

A year after she did a “90-Day Challenge” for weight loss products company ViSalus, Ruby Gettinger’s weight is still stalled at just above 300 pounds and her affiliation with the multi-level marketer seems to have ended. The one-time reality star and her two best friends have now turned up on YouTube, trying to get enough …

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Ruby Gettinger: Where is she now and what does she weigh?

Ruby Gettinger

Several months after completing a “90-Day Challenge” for a supplements company, Ruby Gettinger spoke to Oprah in an episode of the OWN series, “Where Are They Now.” Ruby says she weighs 316 which is down 13lbs from the weight she recorded at the end of the “challenge” in April. The interview was interesting because she’s …

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Is Ruby Gettinger Pulling a Scam?

Go ahead, call me a cynical bitch. Former reality show “star” Ruby Gettinger’s latest promotional venture has ended with her achieving her announced goal: losing 50lbs by consuming products from multi-level marketing company, Visalus. And yes, I’m skeptical. I’ll save you the signup and give you the link to watch the videos from “Ruby’s Challenge.” …

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When Do You Admit Weight Denial?

All of us who deal with a significant weight problem spend time in a place I’ve identified as between points of support and resistance. These are terms I’ve borrowed from the trading world. When the market keeps returning to a particular point without breaking out past it, that’s called support to the downside and resistance …

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Ruby Gettinger: Incredible Inspiration or Interminable Spiral?

Ruby Gettinger, Style Network’s one-time ratings star, has been out of a job since her reality show ended in 2011. With her book selling for a few dollars on Amazon and her blog just a handful of odd, rambling posts, partly in all caps and riddled with jarring but seemingly deliberate misspellings, the one-time recipient …

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