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A Medical Weight Loss Plan in America is Just a Fad Diet

I happened to see an ad for Medifast, a medical weight loss plan. The photo in the ad looked like some kind of giant chocolate chip cookie. I checked the Medifast website and it WAS a giant chocolate chip cookie. It was THIS chocolate chip cookie. Large enough that it’s suggested you should eat it with …

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Registered Dietitians Shill for Processed Food–Sign of the Apocalypse?

A link going around Facebook right now is “25 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar.” A stack of sugar cubes (When did you last see any of those? If ever.) opens up a series of panels with warnings we’ve all heard before. Sugar makes you fat. Belly fat, specifically. Just belly fat, nowhere else? Sugar gives …

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When Weight Loss Motivation & Inspiration—Aren’t

Weight loss motivation and “inspiration” are all over the media. It’s supposed to be helpful, right? Keep you on track. Give you direction. But look at this particular “motivational” image: “Strive for progress, not perfection.” OK, good advice I’ll admit. In fact, it’s advice I’d share. But how about the image? Good grief, that woman …

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Diets Don’t Work and Exercise Won’t Make You Thin

Certain ideas have a way of working themselves into paradigmatic status, mostly because ambiguous “evidence” appears to tell us what we want to believe. Joining the old saw “Diets don’t work” is now the belief that “exercise won’t make you thin.” But let’s look at what’s really driven these assumptions. First of all, diets DO …

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Is Ruby Gettinger Pulling a Scam?

Go ahead, call me a cynical bitch. Former reality show “star” Ruby Gettinger’s latest promotional venture has ended with her achieving her announced goal: losing 50lbs by consuming products from multi-level marketing company, Visalus. And yes, I’m skeptical. I’ll save you the signup and give you the link to watch the videos from “Ruby’s Challenge.” …

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Weight & Fat: Contradictions in Correctness

I love the First Lady. I really do. But I read an interview in which she joins in doing something that I think creates an aspect of denial to the difficulty some of us endure in managing our weight. It’s a contradiction with roots in political correctness. In an interview in Women’s Health magazine, Michelle …

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Rejecting Weight Loss “Advice”

It’s the time of year when everyone is talking about going on a diet, starting exercise routines, and losing weight. Everyone’s got an opinion and plenty of advice. Are you listening to any of it? There might be a lot of approaches people could take if they have put on some weight due to lifestyle …

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End of the Year: Fads, Crash Diets & Gimmicks

A year-end talk on fads, crash diets, and exercise gimmicks. Spoiler alert: None of it works.

Takes One to Know One: A Weight Loss Book by a Former Fat Person

A recent book buyer admitted when she first saw my book she initially thought, “Oh great, another skinny person telling me why I’m fat.” Then she read about me and made a purchase! (and thank you so much!) Part of why I wanted to write Powerful Hunger was because I am also sick of the …

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The latest weight loss gimmick and secrets of the Internet

The news promo announced “A new diet lets you eat whatever you want including ice cream and pizza and still lose weight! Find out how at 10!” You bet I had to tune in! This latest weight loss gimmick is a set of measuring cups and spoons and a poster. For $80. The creators of …

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