Takes One to Know One: A Weight Loss Book by a Former Fat Person

A recent book buyer admitted when she first saw my book she initially thought, “Oh great, another skinny person telling me why I’m fat.” Then she read about me and made a purchase! (and thank you so much!) Part of why I wanted to write Powerful Hunger was because I am also sick of the pompous and ignorant pedantry of people who’ve never had a weight problem a day in their lives. All we need are their instructions, right? Their breakthrough diet “rules,” their magical food combinations, their secrets that can now be revealed. They have all the answers and the results will be INCREDIBLE!

They all make the same mistake. Every weight loss book author EVER assumes you’re fat because you have needed their instructions. You’ve needed their secret magic. You’ve never gotten anything right because you didn’t know what they know.

But what they know doesn’t matter as much as what you know.

About yourself. About your life. About what you can and can’t do in the immediate moment. About your weaknesses. About your strengths. About your hopes and dreams.

Truth is, you have been making a big mistake. You’ve been following someone’s instructions instead of looking inside yourself. The answers you need are already in your life; you just need to know how to get them organized and put them to work. I’ve never been a “skinny person” and now I am a former fat person. But Powerful Hunger isn’t about learning what I know. It’s about learning what you know.