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Dealing with Food Brain & Food Cravings: Holiday Edition

Shoma Morita

My food brain is so sneaky. It knows Thanksgiving is approaching and it’s conjuring up all kinds of thoughts about food cravings! What creeps into my mind the most recently are thoughts of going off on a binge because Thanksgiving is going to be a lost cause, a super indulgent day. I am easily suppressing …

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Your Own Habits & Routines are the Key to Weight Control

Michael Moore weight loss

He’s not in the news much lately so you probably haven’t been aware that Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore has dropped a lot of weight. Apparently the only place this is getting talked about is on Moore’s Facebook page where he described how this came to be: I am now in Week 42 of my walks. …

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How Do You Know When You’re Done with Weight Loss?

Artist Julia Kozerski recently published her photography project, “Half” which examines the result of losing half her body weight. Click here to view Julia’s work and be advised it’s NSFW. She took the photos while she was a student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. I haven’t been able to find any confirmation …

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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals by Not Setting Them

Do you live your life constantly “on”  or “off” a diet? Are you always setting weight loss goals and then attempting to apply some kind of structure to your life to achieve them? Being able to let go of the dieting paradigm may be the biggest breakthrough some people make. I became a commodities broker …

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Criticism of Weight Loss Surgery is Vicious Fat Shaming

weight loss surgery

Why should anyone care if someone else has weight loss surgery? It would not seem to be loaded with the controversial moral implications that complicate other healthcare issues like abortion, birth control, or euthanasia. There aren’t any religious admonitions against losing weight. So why all the scathing blog posts, militant opposition, and vitriolic criticism? “It’s …

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Accepting the Reality of Change and Weight Management

I was at a party this weekend and hanging out in a sitting room with a few other guests when a woman began talking about a book she claimed changed her life. She said because of this book she hadn’t been sick in years. The author, a medical doctor, claims that we can experience physical …

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Food Cravings & Food Brain: How to Fight Back

How many times have you laid in bed and been unable to get to sleep because your mind was racing and wouldn’t quiet down? I had that experience this week. I’d had a great meeting with a publicist that afternoon and as I settled down into bed that night, my mind started buzzing with possibilities …

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Biggest Loser is Oblivious to Its Failures

It’s simply naive to believe that NBC’s “Biggest Loser” is about “changing lives.” It’s got to be the most heavily merchandised television show in history. From $3000-per-week “resorts” and cruises to in-show commercials and a broad range of branded products, it’s a money machine that exploits the public’s fascination with watching presumably broken and messed …

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