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“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” Trots Out Cringe-Inducing Stereotypes

whitney way thore

TLC has debuted the first of a nine-episode reality series “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” featuring Whitney Way Thore, a young woman who became a YouTube sensation last year with her video, “Fat Girl Dancing.” Besides using the “my big fat” cliche AGAIN (does Nia Vardalos get royalties for these?), the show relies on stereotypes …

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Biggest Loser Secrets: It’s Worse Than You Think

I was recently contacted by a former Biggest Loser contestant about helping him to write a book about his experiences with the show. The project didn’t move forward but while we were discussing things, he’d talk quite freely about what went on behind the scenes. There are plenty of Biggest Loser secrets alright. A lot …

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Chris Powell Figures Out Maybe Obese People Need Medical Care

Shocking but true. The website for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition proudly announces the show will now, “FOR THE FIRST TIME,” have DOCTORS—yes, actual medical professionals—check out the seriously obese people that trainer reality show celebrity Chris Powell will humiliate into dropping hundreds of pounds! Assuming we’ll believe it’s about providing some measure of …

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Jillian Michaels Shames Biggest Loser Winner for Extreme Weight Loss

The last Biggest Loser winner, Rachel Frederickson, stunned everyone at the live finale when she stepped out on the stage and weighed in at 105 lbs, a shocking 60% loss of her starting bodyweight. Her arms were twig thin and her face had that drawn anorexic look. But Biggest Loser trainer and self-appointed psychologist Jillian …

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Ruby Gettinger’s Weight Still Stalled Over 300 Pounds

A year after she did a “90-Day Challenge” for weight loss products company ViSalus, Ruby Gettinger’s weight is still stalled at just above 300 pounds and her affiliation with the multi-level marketer seems to have ended. The one-time reality star and her two best friends have now turned up on YouTube, trying to get enough …

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The Real Way the Media Promotes Fat Shaming (and every other kind of shaming)

Dovima 1950s model

NBC’s Today Show is doing a week-long “Love Your Selfie” with the extremely attractive personalities admitting their self-image insecurities and appearing without makeup. The men look pretty much like themselves and the women just look plain around their eyes. Everyone is still their media-quality good-looking selves. We’ve been treated to the team’s dorkiest teenage photos …

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Biggest Loser Winner Looks Anorexic. Should Anyone Be Shocked?

Rachel Frederickson Biggest Loser

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably know that the media was a-buzz this week when humiliation reality show Biggest Loser crowned its Season 15 grand prize winner, a 24-year old woman who lost a staggering 60% of her body weight. During the live broadcast, trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper were caught on camera …

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Biggest Loser is Oblivious to Its Failures

It’s simply naive to believe that NBC’s “Biggest Loser” is about “changing lives.” It’s got to be the most heavily merchandised television show in history. From $3000-per-week “resorts” and cruises to in-show commercials and a broad range of branded products, it’s a money machine that exploits the public’s fascination with watching presumably broken and messed …

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Ruby Gettinger: Where is she now and what does she weigh?

Ruby Gettinger

Several months after completing a “90-Day Challenge” for a supplements company, Ruby Gettinger spoke to Oprah in an episode of the OWN series, “Where Are They Now.” Ruby says she weighs 316 which is down 13lbs from the weight she recorded at the end of the “challenge” in April. The interview was interesting because she’s …

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Weight Loss Reality TV Reaches a Shocking New Low “My Big Fat Revenge”

I wouldn’t have thought there could be a weight loss reality TV show more offensive and exploitative than Biggest Loser but “My Big Fat Revenge” on the Oxygen network is beyond comprehension. Overweight women tearfully recount stories of humiliation then plot revenge against their tormentors. The two women in the episode I watched seem to have …

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