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How Do You Know When You’re Done with Weight Loss?

Artist Julia Kozerski recently published her photography project, “Half” which examines the result of losing half her body weight. Click here to view Julia’s work and be advised it’s NSFW. She took the photos while she was a student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. I haven’t been able to find any confirmation …

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Biggest Loser is Oblivious to Its Failures

It’s simply naive to believe that NBC’s “Biggest Loser” is about “changing lives.” It’s got to be the most heavily merchandised television show in history. From $3000-per-week “resorts” and cruises to in-show commercials and a broad range of branded products, it’s a money machine that exploits the public’s fascination with watching presumably broken and messed …

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What a Month of Exercise Can Do

I’m back home after spending a month with my parents in my hometown of Daytona Beach, FL. Primarily, of course, I wanted to spend time with my parents who are now in their late 70s-early 80s and both quite healthy and active! But I also hoped to use the time to break myself out of …

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How Have Experiences Shaped the Way You Feel about Your Weight?

Last night I attended a film screening in a space with vintage theater seats that must have come from one of Chicago’s former movie palaces. Seats from that era are smaller than the seats we’re used to today, even the plain flip down stadium-style chairs you might find in some older movie theaters. A very large woman …

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John, Jonah, and Al: Three Tales of Celebrity Weight Loss

Al Sharpton weight loss

It’s all the buzz in the entertainment news when a celebrity appears with a dramatic weight loss. Three particular stories of high-profile celebrity weight loss offer valuable lessons to consider. I’ve always liked the actor John Goodman, from memorable movie appearances in several Coen Brothers films to Dan Connor on Roseanne. He’s always been “the …

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