Jillian Michaels Shows Her True Hateful Colors

I just saw an interview with Jillian Michaels on CBS Sunday Morning. She talked about how she’s now a “brand.” She talked about being so stressed out she wants to eat ice cream for dinner and drink wine straight from the bottle. She talked about being so busy she hasn’t been to the gym for weeks. She didn’t clarify if that means she hasn’t even done a workout at home. Given her net worth now, I’m sure she has some equipment of her own.

She also brought up what she claims is her own history of being a fat girl in high school. A photo of the teen aged Jillian was shown and she did look chubby.

She described her teen years and her home life during that time as horrible; she described herself as extremely unattractive, awkward, and unhappy. She uses this to claim she “gets it.” But what does she “get”?

“Lazy, weak, pathetic….victim mentality…I won’t listen to it.” That is how Jillian Michaels sees fat people.

So Jillian Michaels had a shitty teen aged life and now she wants to hate in every fat person what she hated in herself. And build a media empire to do it.


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    • JoAnn on March 24, 2013 at 10:58 am

    I’d never put up with a trainer like her. She’s abusive and cruel. She may get results in the short term, but I fail to see how anyone would stick with her over the long haul. One of the many reasons I do not watch the Biggest Loser and it’s never ending exploitation of obese people.

    1. I worked myself with trainers who seemed like they wanted to break me and beat me down. It’s part of the reason why I wanted to become a trainer myself. If Jillian Michaels is fine with making millions from a reputation for being outright abusive—well, the public is letting her do it.

  1. It’s a shame that people abuse their power. It’s a bigger shame that we let folks like that get any power to begin with. So many folks have powerful negative self-esteem issues that hold them back. The last thing they need is a trainer “validating” their negative self talk by telling them they’re lazy and pathetic.

    Jillian is on the way to a tumble, I believe. Her fellow trainer just blasted her for doing poorly at the Malibu Triathlon. (<a href="http://www.tmz.com/2013/09/10/malibu-triathlon-jillian-michaels-biggest-loser-tmz-tv/&quot; title="Malibu Triathlon"). She's showing the world she has not balance in her life and ultimately, that's going to hurt her.

    She has such a great pulpit for helping people, but she's lost sight of it by seeing herself as a brand and not a person. It's sad.

    1. I honestly think she is a despicable sell out, Michelle! Did you ever see her thankfully short-lived show “Losing It with Jillian”? It was Jillian losing her temper against people! All she did for the entire show was yell at people and berate and humiliate them. It was absolutely SICK but I’m sure some network executive decided that what the people really want is to see fatties get what they deserve and nobody dishes it out like Jillian!

      She has the kind of certifications that you can just pay for. She’s been sued over claims made in her DVDs and over “fat burner” supplements that came out under her name. I’ve seen her instruct people to do things I know as a trainer myself to be dangerous (she should not be allowed to TOUCH a kettlebell EVER). An editorial in the LA Times a few years ago accused her of being an actress and not a trainer and I have to agree.

      The public is disgusted with fat people and they want to see them get humiliated and beat up on. Jillian Michaels has made a career out of that!

      You can read an excerpt from my book in which I discuss weight loss reality television:

      Powerful Hunger: The Spectacle of the Fat Sideshow

      I’m going to go spend some time on your website, thank you for coming by Michelle!

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