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Comedian John Pinette Dies at 50

When I read the news of the death of comedian John Pinette at just 50 years old, I felt very conflicted. After learning of some additional news about John, I feel even worse. As a stand-up comedian, it seemed as if John based his entire career on his weight. I never knew until I read …

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Why I Am an Advocate for Weight Loss Surgery

I already write with some regularity about weight loss surgery but some issues have arisen this week that prompt me to write yet again! For people with 100 lbs or more to lose, it’s a reality of life now that their doctor will talk to them about weight loss surgery and/or they will consider it …

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Weight Bias is Limiting Access to Weight Loss Surgery

I read an article today written by a doctor who found himself examining his sense of bias when he was faced with a 600 lb patient in the emergency room. Nurses and technicians around him made snide remarks and a surgeon made it clear he wanted to find a way to foist the patient off …

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Biggest Loser Winner Looks Anorexic. Should Anyone Be Shocked?

Rachel Frederickson Biggest Loser

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably know that the media was a-buzz this week when humiliation reality show Biggest Loser crowned its Season 15 grand prize winner, a 24-year old woman who lost a staggering 60% of her body weight. During the live broadcast, trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper were caught on camera …

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Food Insecurity and Obesity: The Paradox that Affects More Than Just the Poor

Food Insecurity and obesity

Why is there a correlation between food insecurity and obesity? It appears to be a paradox; is it really? I was directed today to an insightful infographic posted on the blog of Registered Dietitian Brooke Schantz. At the bottom of this post, I’ve placed the “Nourish to Flourish” infographic from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. …

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What Do Weight Loss Motivation & Inspiration Really Do for Us?

A meme I saw on Facebook depicted two people sitting in a train car. One stared blankly out the window at the rocky side of a mountain; the other smiled out at a bright, sunny landscape. It read “Every day we have a choice.” The power of positive thinking. Being optimistic. Do we really always …

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Is It Support? Or Fat Shaming?

I hate this weight loss book so much I won’t even tell you what its title is. I’m capable of relating only briefly what makes this book so abysmal. It is an example of what I see as a particularly insidious form of fat shaming—that which originates from what is presented as “support.” Let’s start …

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Criticism of Weight Loss Surgery is Vicious Fat Shaming

weight loss surgery

Why should anyone care if someone else has weight loss surgery? It would not seem to be loaded with the controversial moral implications that complicate other healthcare issues like abortion, birth control, or euthanasia. There aren’t any religious admonitions against losing weight. So why all the scathing blog posts, militant opposition, and vitriolic criticism? “It’s …

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Biggest Loser is Oblivious to Its Failures

It’s simply naive to believe that NBC’s “Biggest Loser” is about “changing lives.” It’s got to be the most heavily merchandised television show in history. From $3000-per-week “resorts” and cruises to in-show commercials and a broad range of branded products, it’s a money machine that exploits the public’s fascination with watching presumably broken and messed …

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Letting Go of a Relationship with Food

Whenever anyone talks about “emotional eating” they will inevitably say something about a “relationship with food.” If you have a weight problem, that is supposed to mean you treat food like it’s the best friend you desperately need to lean on and you’re hangin’ out together constantly. We’re told that we subconsciously invest food with …

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