Dagny Kight

Dagny Kight grew up a fat girl in Daytona Beach, FL. She was never interested in hanging out on the beach, even if she had been willing to wear a bathing suit. After losing half her body weight, her days of dodging physical activity are now behind her and she doesn't mind how far away she might have to park. A professional writer and editor, "Powerful Hunger" is the first book Dagny has written for herself, under her own name.

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You have never been a slave to food!

In Powerful Hunger, I write about the social influences that manipulate us and how they negatively affect our view of ourselves. A commercial I find particularly insulting is for a low-calorie brownie. A woman is sitting alone in a diner, looking resentfully down at her salad when she sees other patrons enjoying a brownie. She …

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Manipulating Your Tastes for Weight Loss & Weight Management

Fall weather is on its way to Chicago! The weekend is supposed to get nippy. So my friend wanted to finish up some ice cream bars she had on the premise that it won’t be ice cream weather for much longer! Well. Um. OK I guess I can go along with that! My friend had …

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Being WLS “Pro-Choice”!

Yes I’m Pro-Choice! And proud of it! If we’re talking about reproductive rights, I don’t see “pro-choice” as pro-abortion. I see it as PRO CHOICE. As in, give people choices and let them decide. It’s not my business. When we take choices away from people, then we ARE trying to tell them how they can …

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Fat Shaming Where You Might Not Expect It

If you’ve looked at any news outlet in the last couple of days you probably saw the video of Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston responding to a viewer who wrote to tell her that she was too fat and that she has a responsibility to be a role model for the viewing public, especially girls. …

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Should you take weight loss drugs?

I tried fen-phen in the 90s. I remember I was always thirsty. I really don’t remember much else except that there was no significant change in my weight. People usually want to believe that there will be a “magic pill.” Expectations like this are perhaps the primary reason why weight loss drugs should be considered …

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Weight loss: What “clicks” for YOU?

Each of us is unique in every way so it stands to reason when it comes to taking control of our weight and managing it for a lifetime, we’ll each need to discover the unique ways in which our bodies will respond. For those of us who find weight management a bit tougher, it can …

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Moving forward with what needs to be done

Welcome to the website for my new book, Powerful Hunger! My mission and goal are to share what I’ve learned in the past several years since I have maintained a weight loss equal to half of my former highest weight. I know that so many of us who deal with a serious weight problem have …

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