Pursuing Physical Challenge When You’ve Been Obese

My quest to challenge myself physically goes on! I awoke this morning to a rare and much-sought-after experience. I am sore in places that are difficult to make sore–My biceps and my abs just below my sternum. A few months ago I discovered a new piece of equipment that I’m really putting to good use now, the Kamagon Ball. It’s a large rubber ball with handles on each side. You fill it with water. The movement of the water inside creates a leverage you pull against. I filled it to the 15lb weight level but the water effect makes it seem much heavier. Throwing this thing around is a great challenge!

If you’ve lead a life of physical limitations because of your weight, undertaking physical activity will open you to a new world of experiences. It’s very difficult for awhile but if you push through it, you will never forget the moment when you realize that what was once an ordeal has become a challenge you’re excited to pursue. I believe anyone can have this experience. It takes the right kind of physical activity, done in the right way. Feeling your body improve and make progress is the most powerful experiential motivation there is!

Over many years, I attempted various exercise programs and types of training, including working with trainers. All it did was wear me out and make me feel weak. I would give up fairly quickly. After finding my own path to bringing productive physical activity into my life, I earned NASM trainer certification to be able to guide others who had found exercise such a struggle.

Have you found attempts at exercise to be difficult or discouraging? Have you discovered something that’s working for you?