Katie Hopkins Gets Fat to Prove She’s a Bitch

Update to this post: May 2017, Karma kicks Katie Hopkins to the curb. Hopkins is leaving a London-based national radio station after just a year. Specific reasons have not been made public but everyone is generally thrilled to see her go. LBC staff broke into ‘massive cheers and applause’ when controversial radio presenter fired
A now-former LBC colleague described Hopkins as “a monstrous self-publicist” who “employs the most vile of thoughts and language in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and get noticed”. Yeah that sums her up…

Katie Hopkins is a British pseudo-celebrity, one of those people who seem to become known for no apparent good reason. Hopkins had been on a British version of The Apprentice and other reality shows. She’s written a column for the UK’s worst tabloid newspaper and is generally despised as a “Professional Troll.” In short, she has made a career out of being a bitch and one of her favorite targets is fat people. In her latest publicity stunt, Katie Hopkins gets fat and blames fat people for “making” her do it.


Hopkins’ viciously hateful remarks about obesity have prompted her to want to “prove” that fat people are lazy and “need a kick up the ass.” To this end, she risked her health in a thoroughly pointless exercise. Hopkins ate a daily diet of some 6000 calories to pack on the pounds for the sole purpose of proving how easily she’d be able to lose the weight. As if that would prove anything about obesity or anyone’s propensity to gain or lose weight but her own.

Various trainers have attempted to attract publicity for themselves by making a public show of gaining weight and then losing it but it proves nothing. Hopkins actually proved the futility of it shortly after starting her “experiment.” During a doctor’s visit taped for a television show, Hopkins is told she’s underweight with just 15% bodyfat. Her ribs protrude severely; she has no waist or visible breasts. She admits that gaining weight will simply bring her to a normal level before she can be considered overweight. But Hopkins should have learned the most valuable lesson two weeks after she stopped her daily runs and started her calorie-dense diet. On a follow up visit to the doctor, she gets on the scale and has gained…NOTHING. Not a pound. She shocks her body with daily gorging and abruptly turning sedentary for two whole weeks and she doesn’t gain any weight. I think I would have put on at least five pounds, probably more.

Hopkins does not see that she proves the obvious: Different bodies function differently. If she has trouble gaining weight, she should be able to realize that she’ll have counterparts at the other end of the Bell Curve who gain weight easily. Reports are that she’s already lost the weight. I’m not surprised in the least. In fact, I’m sure it came off easily. Unfortunately, she’s likely to assume everyone’s experience should be just like hers. Just as likely, Hopkins will still be considered one the most despised women in Great Britain.


    • JoAnn on January 26, 2015 at 9:13 am

    It defies logic that every single fat person is lazy and undisciplined or that every single thin person is. It’s amazing that there are still people who feel the need to insult and demean those who are different from themselves rather than trying to understand and provide an answer.

    1. I know!!! Don’t get me started on “think like a thin person”!!!

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