It’s Not About Reps or Time—It’s About Your Heart

I will always be fascinated with how our bodies can respond! As I continue focusing on cardio I am appreciating one of the really good things about climbing stairs. It’s completely quantifiable. I can wear my heart rate strap and see exactly how many floors it takes to reach my max. I feel myself improving and that will keep me going for awhile!

I will pound away at this like a broken record!

A heart rate strap is the most critical piece of equipment you can use to take control of your fitness!!

I know where I will reach my body’s max so I do not let my brain tell me I’m tired and I should stop. But when I do reach the max, I know it’s time to rest and I know how long to rest. I can work with efficiency and purpose and I know I will feel results. I will be able to quantify my heart’s response to conditioning. I will feel my rapid breathing become smoother and more rhythmic. I will be able to work longer at a higher heart rate level before I reach the max. I will return to a regular rate in less time. I can also exercise with a sense of confidence that I know my limits and I am working within them.

My max, when my breathing would become intense, was at 150. I now reach that max point at 156. I can just about predict what my heart rate is going to be by my breathing. I know what the 120s feel like, the 130s, the 140s. I can literally feel a difference between 154 to 156 and I know exactly what 156 is going to feel like.

Even if you are just beginning and you get winded and reach your max quickly, you will know what’s happening and what’s going to happen. As you feel your body respond and see the proof in the numbers, a powerful sense of control and connection will come over you! If you’ve felt frustrated by exercise before or physical activity caused you to focus on your limitations, I urge you to try heart rate conditioning. It doesn’t matter what activity you do as long as it challenges you and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to become conditioned. Exercising for reps or time can be discouraging. Let your heart be your guide.

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