Who Knows the Most About You and Your Weight?

You know how good you feel when everything is under control? You’re caught up with things you need to do, nothing major is hanging over your head, your home is the way you like it, you’re getting stuff done. It’s great! Feeling in control brings peace to our minds and hearts; feeling out of control disrupts that peace.

I believe all our struggles with weight are caused by a sense of control we can’t seem to get our arms around. If you’re like me and have dealt with your weight all your life, you’ve spent years being told to figure out what the problem is and fix it—what’s WRONG with you? The reason it’s been such a struggle is because NOTHING is “wrong” with you. Your body naturally wants to be larger and your brain craves food. Part of the stress in your life has been chasing down all kinds of non-issues and becoming convinced you’re screwed up. And why? Just because our culture is so disgusted by fat people, it’s assumed if you “let” yourself get fat and stayed that way, you’ve got something “wrong” with you! You might even try to point to some event in your life as a “cause” but really, it doesn’t matter how your life turned out. Some of us are destined to be larger and our brains love to think about food.

Your weight has been driving you so nuts all these years because your body is a helluva tough thing to take control of! Oh man do I hate it when my brain decides to get fixated on some food I do not want to crave! The only answer is to figure out how to deal with it! How can any of us take control of something as dominant as our own nature?

Trying to follow another diet isn’t the answer. Want to disrupt your life for sure? Yeah, try to live the life somebody else thinks you should! Go on the latest diet craze! Buy a new gadget! Start making all the “small changes” some TV talk show says are good for you!


It’s only about you. Your life. Your schedule. What happens in your day to day. What are the routines running your daily life? Our lives are a collection of patterns and routines that we get used to. Even if they’re not bringing something positive to our lives, we become anchored to the sameness. Change is disruptive and unsettling.

To start feeling in control of your weight, the first step is looking at the habits and routines in your daily life and making modifications. Doing what you’re able to do, to move you step by step toward the greater changes you’d like to make. A sense of control will sneak into your life, a little at a time. It will put you on a path that you map out for yourself, to get where you want to go. No one else’s plans for you will work.

Still believe you have some sort of larger issue that’s at the root of your weight? Bring positive action into your life. Start experiencing how great it is to feel in control of aspects of your life that had previously brought you stress. It could change the way you look at everything else in your life. Think you have to deal with the past? With each passing day, as you’re taking control, you create a new future’s past.

In George Cukor’s 1944 film “Gaslight” Charles Boyer tries to make Ingrid Bergman think she’s insane by psychologically manipulating her. Our culture tries to psychologically manipulate us and tries to convince us we’re broken and weak. You know the truth about you.