One Weird Old Post: Weight Loss Hype

Burn fat with these five foods! Cut down belly fat with this one weird old tip! Foods that kill belly fat!

You’ve seen these ads on the Internet a million times. You know they can’t be true, but you want to hope…maybe? You can’t resist looking! I never have been able to find out the “one weird old tip”!

It’s the dieter’s dream—To lose weight by eating! In my book, I document the rising popularity of “thermogenic weight loss,” a method that claims eating certain foods will crank your metabolism into overdrive, resulting in weight loss. It’s drawing fans because it sounds really good, until you notice the only claim is to “boost your metabolism.” There’s a key element that gets overlooked. Boost your metabolism…by how much? Some advertising may vaguely pitch “up to 10%.” You really have no idea how many calories that could actually be. But one thing is for sure. It won’t net out to a calorie deficit, solely by these alleged thermogenic properties. It’s not possible. You can’t put out a fire with gasoline and you can’t burn more calories by taking in calories.

The basal metabolic rate accounts for your body’s autonomic processes, involuntary functions like the beating of your heart and the digestion of food. The various digestive processes that convert food into energy constitute your metabolism. You eat food, your body metabolizes it. Some foods are more easily digested than others. Expecting that you can manipulate the body’s autonomic digestive processes to drive a calorie burn sufficient to impact your weight…. Come on, just put on those walking shoes and get outside for a walk that really will ignite that “afterburn” effect. It’s a metabolism boost that’s for real and you’re completely in charge of how far and how fast you walk!

Heard other weight loss claims that sound like hype to you? Post ’em here!