Category: weight loss myths

The hidden message of the “cheat meal”

A current reality show trainer is making himself known for what he calls “amazing transformations.” In a recent appearance on a morning show, he credited a man’s huge weight loss to “lacing cheat meals throughout the week.” Not developing health-supporting eating habits, not daily exercise. Cheat meals were pitched as the real key to that …

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Being WLS “Pro-Choice”!

Yes I’m Pro-Choice! And proud of it! If we’re talking about reproductive rights, I don’t see “pro-choice” as pro-abortion. I see it as PRO CHOICE. As in, give people choices and let them decide. It’s not my business. When we take choices away from people, then we ARE trying to tell them how they can …

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Weight loss: What “clicks” for YOU?

Each of us is unique in every way so it stands to reason when it comes to taking control of our weight and managing it for a lifetime, we’ll each need to discover the unique ways in which our bodies will respond. For those of us who find weight management a bit tougher, it can …

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