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Yale Study Proves Fat Bias is Real DUH!

Yale University has done a study that focused on how a defendant’s weight affects jury verdict outcomes. The findings? Overweight female defendants were more likely to get a guilty verdict from male jurors. Women displayed less bias but the study found leaner men in particular were likely to judge a fat defendant harshly to the …

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WLS, the “Easy Way Out”—The Definitive Response

I happened to see a photo of Carnie Wilson today and it hit me. It’s so obvious. The definitive response to shut down any idiot who insists that weight loss surgery is the “easy way out.” She failed. Carnie Wilson was a weight loss surgery failure. She gained a load of weight back and had …

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Weight Loss Claims: Do You Have a Right to Be Lied To?

How much do you think you are influenced by the media? Has marketing and advertising affected how you’ve tried to take control of your weight? Most definitely. We’ve all bought products, we’ve all bought gadgets, we’ve all tried programs. Even when we think we’re finally getting smart, some product will come along with a pitch …

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Weight & Fat: Contradictions in Correctness

I love the First Lady. I really do. But I read an interview in which she joins in doing something that I think creates an aspect of denial to the difficulty some of us endure in managing our weight. It’s a contradiction with roots in political correctness. In an interview in Women’s Health magazine, Michelle …

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End of the Year: Fads, Crash Diets & Gimmicks

A year-end talk on fads, crash diets, and exercise gimmicks. Spoiler alert: None of it works.

Dealing with Cravings: Video

In this video, I discuss how thoughts of food cravings can take over our minds. Is willpower the answer? NO WAY!! Post Script: A news story caught my eye with the headline “How to Stop Overeating.” It was a video by a woman who introduced herself as a nutritionist. She was one of those women …

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Is Walmart’s “Great For You” Product Line About Health or Profit?

When his son questions why the overweight cop in the conspicuously tight uniform is eating a certain “healthy” breakfast cereal, Dad replies in a weary, hopelessly resigned voice, “Gotta do something.” I don’t remember the cereal this commercial was advertising. It ran so long ago, it pre-dated the deluge of “healthy food” products and marketing …

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Obesogenicity & Broken Things: Why America Won’t Solve the Obesity Problem

I learned new words yesterday. Obesogenicity An “obesogenic environment” supports gaining weight by promoting indulgent overeating. It’s the opposite of a “leptogenic” environment which would promote leanness or weight loss. An environment’s obesogencity can be measured by the use of ANGELO, the ANalysis Grid for Environments Linked to Obesity. Whatever ANGELO’s rating system is, I think the entire United …

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Fad Diet Friday: Alternate Day Diet

The creator of the “Alternate Day Diet” is a medical doctor who claims he uses the “off” day to eat at McDonald’s. I see a lot of potential for abuse for a fad diet like this! Just the claim of “twice the results by dieting half the time” should be enough of a giveaway. Watch …

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It’s Time to Forgive Yourself for Your Weight and Move Forward

This time of year tends to stir up memories, reminding people of events and experiences in their past, particularly those that involve treatment by family members. This week I came upon three blog posts that were essentially laundry lists of pain. Bloggers wrote out in excruciating detail the torment they’ve endured at the hands of abusers, …

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