Take Control

Take control of your weight by discovering what you've always been hungry for.

The only thing more depressing than the number on the scale is the thought of yet another diet. The struggle makes you weary. Which diet should you try this time? Join the gym...again? Buy some new exercise gadget? Even the "Never diet again!" promises gave you nothing to work with. Maintaining a stunning 170 lb. weight loss, author Dagny Kight takes an unflinching look at what's kept you struggling then guides you through an action-focused process to discover your own unique approach for targeting your personal goals.

Break the cycle of weight regain.
Release the grip of shame.
Escape the trap of endless dieting.
Stop searching for the meaning of food in your life.
Start finding meaning in your life!

Author's Statements

Fat Guy on Earth Cam in Times Square

Fat Guy and his wife as seen from Earth Cam in Times Square

Fat Guy Across America

You may have found this page because of my appearance on the Dr. Phil show to discuss "Fat Guy Across America" Eric Hites. In June 2015, I contacted Mr. Hites to offer assistance through resources of the specialty weight loss gym I worked for at the time. He not only rebuffed my offer, he made defamatory comments about me on his Facebook page. Fascinated by his abject lack of preparation and consistent rejection of qualified support and advice, I created a closed Facebook group to discuss the growing media phenomenon. Mr. Hites quickly labeled me a "Hater." He has never cited proof of any of his defamatory claims against me. Sadly, since capturing national attention in June 2015, Mr. Hites remains at 500 lbs.

Priscilla Lane

Blogger Priscilla Lane has posted numerous claims about me, some downright bizarre. Ms. Lane always posts under pseudonyms and has never provided proof of any of these accusations and claims other than to say they can substantiated by doing an Internet search. Ms. Lane's statements clearly indicate she has never read my book.

Resources from the Book

Download the resources referenced in the book.

Support for Weight Loss Surgery Choice

Believing that weight loss surgery is an "easy way out" that takes no effort is the most vicious expression of fat shaming there is. It is an assertion that fat people deserve to suffer and struggle to pay for the perceived weaknesses of character that are assumed to have "made" them fat.

I am often asked about surgery by people attempting to insult and diminish those who choose surgery. My book is about personal choice. I will not pander to value judgments made against personal health care decisions. Wielding weight loss surgery as an accusation and insult is both deeply ignorant and viciously hateful.

Any claims made about my personal health and medical history by anyone other than myself are considered to be hearsay regardless of the source.

Read my full blog post on this issue.  My book includes a full chapter discussing Weight Loss Surgery.